What is the oldest R version that can be installed?
How does rcli relate to rswitch?
Are aliases supported?
Do I need to install every R version from source on Linux?
Does rcli install all dependencies needed on Linux to run R?
Are devel versions supported?
Is rcli able to detect existing non-rcli R installations?
Where does rcli install the R versions into?
What is $PATH and why is it important?


Will I still be able to use binary packages on macOS?
radian does not seem to work with x86_64 R installations on arm64 machines
I have a M1 - can I still install R for x86_64 systems?
I have a M1 - do I need to be aware of something?
​The official macOS installation instructions from CRAN state that only one patch version per minor release can be installed. Is this also true for rcli?
How does rcli actually work on macOS?


Does rcli support non-LTS releases?
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